The Master Course: What To Expect

"Not every brilliant storyteller will find a way to express her or himself, tell their story, break in and share their talent with the world.  But I’m committed to helping as many as I can."

~Gary W. Goldstein



Are you ready ?

• For a simple, precise system that allows you to comfortably develop ongoing rapport and relationships with Hollywood influencers who can open the right doors for you?

• To master your unique 'story' that distinguishes you from the competition and makes you memorable?

• To learn how to call key players in Hollywood and make them your allies, so you never again have to plead with people to read your scripts or watch your reels? 

• To feel confident enough to throw away those ‘blind query’ letters that rarely if ever deliver results? 


Welcome to Breaking Into Hollywood: The Master Course 


There are over 1,094 books on Amazon that show you “how to write a screenplay”… but next-to-nothing on how to actually break into Hollywood, gain access, create important relationships, sell your scripts and build a successful writing career. Until now.  

We love screenwriters and filmmakers and all ‘creatives’, and we hate that so many talented writers (and producers, actors, directors) simply give up in frustration, because they can’t figure out how to crack “the business”. 

That’s why this book and coursework were created. To focus on ‘career’, not on your technique or craft as a screenwriter… because, in addition to your talent, screenwriting is a ­­­­business that requires a career plan.



Your career plan or should embrace simple yet effective strategies for:



  Social Networking

  Team building

  Developing your brand or unique creative signature


  Gaining access & getting your scripts read by the right people and more.

It’s essential to have a plan and not rely on luck as a strategy.  A smart plan that’s easy to execute (not time-consuming or complicated) is bedrock to your success.

This book and coursework are your “how to”, your blueprint to build a real career as a creative professional and succeed. You’ll discover how to invest very little time each day to get big results -- to open doors and build relationships with the people who matter, relationships that will make all the difference. more